Discover the influence of the iconic regions: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua.


The birthplace of fine cigars. Cuba developed most of the traditional growing and cigar rolling techniques. The Vuelta Abajo region produces tobacco for the world-famous Havana cigars.

Dominican Republic

A Caribbean island with a centuries-old history of tobacco and a rich cigar making heritage. The lush Cibao Valley produces full-bodied, complex blends from indigenous tobacco plants. Also, high-quality, delicate tobacco is produced for export.


Some of the world’s best tobaccos are grown in southern Honduras. Danlí, near the border with Nicaragua, is the centre of their cigar industry. High quality imported seed is used to produce light-to-medium cigars.


Among the volcanoes of Nicaragua, you’ll find the Jalapa Valley. Its fertile black soil produces dark, rich tobacco of exceptional quality. It is recognised for its distinctive character and is used in blends to add richness.